viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

CIGP: Participation checklists for Academic Seminar and Tabula Rasa

For the Academic Seminar (April 26 to 28):

1. Re-state the presenter’s main idea. (33%)
2. Say whether if the arguments make sense. (33%)
3. Suggest at least one change or addition to their work. (34%)

This is a presentation, but you don't need to bring slides or dress up. The order of participation was established on March 31st and may be viewed here

For the Tabula Rasa (April 29-May 3):

1. Ask for the floor before participating. (25%)

2. Wait for your turn. (25%)
3. Direct your participation at “the delegate of” another country or to the entire summit. (25%)
4. Keep each participation under 2 minutes. (25%)

Please come to class dressed for a formal presentation and prepared to participate according to procotol. We won't be stringent about it, but there will be two kinds of participation and two kinds of intervention:

- When you participate, you may ask for the floor to give a statement as part of the summit (these are the ones that must be addressed to the other delegates and for which you will be graded) or you may propose a caucus, which means you get 3 minutes to suspend the Summit and stand up for one-on-one negotiations.

- Simultaneously, you may get information from News Flashes or Secret Messages from your own home government, which I will distribute when the time comes. While News Flashes give general information and may be openly discussed, the information in Secret Messages is only for whoever receives them.

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