martes, 30 de enero de 2018

CMAC & CAR: Your grades are updated on Blackboard

Quick point: If you have a zero because your name wasn't in your assignment, there is nothing I can do. Please write your names in your assignments. I shouldn't need to remind you of this.

See you tomorrow!

CAR: Mexican Revolution Pokemon Cards

Click on the image to make them larger. I recommend using the better cards to study for your exam.

1. Francisco Madero

2. Carmen Serdán

3. Dolores Jiménez

4. Pancho Villa

5. Coronela Alanís

6. Victoriano Huerta

7. Emiliano Zapata

8. Juana Belén Gutiérrez

9. Venustiano Carranza

10. Hermila Galindo

11. Álvaro Obregón

CAR: World War 1, Actors (January 31)

Today you will finish the research activity on the individual actors of World War 1.

1. "How World War 1 Started: Crash Course World History 209" by John Green

CMAC: Review of Mexico's Presidents + Cabinet (January 31)

Today we will review the group's research on Mexico's presidents and look for connections between them.

Also, we will have a quick activity regarding the following members of the president's cabinet.

  1. Secretaría de Gobernación
  2. Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores
  3. Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional
  4. Secretaría de Marina
  5. Secretaría de Seguridad Pública
  6. Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público
  7. Secretaría de Desarrollo Social
  8. Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales
  9. Secretaría de Energía
  10. Secretaría de Economía
  11. Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación
  12. Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes
  13. Secretaría de la Función Pública
  14. Secretaría de Salud
  15. Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social
  16. Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano
  17. Secretaría de Turismo
  18. Secretaría de Cultura
  19. Consejería Jurídica del Ejecutivo Federal
  20. Procuraduría General de la República
  21. Comisión Nacional de Seguridad
  22. Jefe de la Oficina de la Presidencia
  23. Petróleos Mexicanos
  24. Comisión Federal de Electricidad
  25. Comisión Nacional del Agua
  26. Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales para Trabajadores del Estado
  27. Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social

lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

CAR: World War 1, Actors (January 30)

1. "Who started World War 1: Crash Course World History 210" by John Green


2. Actors:

  1. Wilhelm II, German Emperor
  2. Augusta Victoria, German Empress
  3. Franz Joseph I, Austrian Emperor
  4. Elisabeth, Empress of Austria
  5. Luigi Luceni
  6. Gavrilo Princip
  7. Mata Hari
  8. Sidney Reilly
  9. Nicholas II, Czar of Russia
  10. Alexandra, Czarina of Russia
  11. Peter I, King of Serbia
  12. Mehmed V, Ottoman Emperor
  13. Raymond Poincaré, President of France
Facebook profile:
  • Job, where
  • Lives in _____
  • Languages
  • From ______
  • Birthday
  • Favorite quotes
  • "About me" paragraph
  • Relationship status, to whom
  • Cover picture
  • Profile picture
  • Album with at least 3 other pictures
  • At least 4 status updates with a real time stamp
  • At least 3 actions (friending, unfriending, relationship status change, job change, location change, etc) with a real time stamp

CMAC: Mexico's Presidents (January 30)

Today you will continue working on your second mini-challenge. Remember to upload it to Blackboard before midnight in a PNG or JPG format.

CAR: Mexican Revolution, Integration (January 29)

Today we will finish the topic of the Mexican Revolution and start moving into the topic of World War 1.

domingo, 28 de enero de 2018

CMAC: Mini-challenge 2, Continuing (January 29)

Today you will continue working on your second mini-challenge. Remember to upload it to Blackboard before midnight in a PNG or JPG format.

jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

CAR: Partial Project 1, The Whaaat Collaboration (due February 2)

Due: Before midnight on February 2, 2018.

Description: Are you familiar with "Whaaat?", the world-renowned Youtube show about historical concepts and applications? Its creator is now looking for collaborators! If your proposed video gets made, you will appear in the credits and have the option of appearing in the video itself. It all depends on how effectively you explain and apply a concept from the class, and how creatively you are able to deliver this information through Francisco's voice.


In teams of 2 to 3 students, you will write the script to an original Whaaat video. Your script should:

  1. Be no longer than 750 words and no shorter than 400 words.
  2. Explain a specific concept from the class that does not appear in any of Whaaat's existing videos. Concepts from last semester may be picked. For this part, sources are crucial. They don't need to be mentioned in the video's monologue, but they need to be cited in the script.
  3. Apply the concept in a fun, creative, but most importantly, clear way. The application may be a description of real-life events, a hypothetical event, or both
Upload one script per team to Blackboard before midnight on February 2, 2018. E-mailed, late, individual, and incomplete projects will have a zero.

The script will be graded as follows:


The script includes the specific intro (“Hello, I’m Francisco, and this is Whaaat, the show were you can actually replay what I say in history class”) and outro (“I hope you learned something. See you next tim!”) to Whaaat videos.
The script clearly defines a concept from the class. This concept should not be already covered by an existing Whaaat video.
The script clearly and creatively applies the concept that was previously defined.
The proposed video fits with the vibe and creative elements of other Whaaat videos.
Word limit: 400-750 words.


CMAC: Partial Project 1, Gladiators in Suits (Due February 2)

Due date: Before midnight on February 2, 2018.

Description: Politicians have problems and we are here to fix them. We are fixers, we are gladiators in suits. But first, you need to become familiar with the battleground in this very important election. Why? Because you must have the proper tools to fix a candidate's problems and carry them to victory. We don't pick parties, we make parties. We don't criticize candidates, we make them. If there are scandals, we handle them or use them to our advantage. What's it gonna be? Are you a gladiator in a suit?


In teams of 4 or 5, you will be assigned a political party (PRI, PAN, PRD, Morena, Movimiento Ciudadano, or PVEM). You must create a 1,000 to 1,500-word document and a Sway presentation where you:

  1. Describe how your political party was created, who was its founder, and what have been its results since it was created. Who are they and what have they delivered to Mexicans?
  2. Make an ideological assessment of your party. What ideology do they follow? Are they congruent with it? Justify your answers with evidence. For example, do its candidates follow a certain ideology? What about its lawmakers? What social issues do they care about?
  3. Identify your party's prospects for the 2018 presidential election and any others you may point out as being particularly relevant. Use evidence to justify your assessment.
  4. Identify the safe states and the battleground states for your party in the 2018 presidential election. Where are they likely to win and why? Where do they have the potential to win and why? Where is it extremely unlikely that they might win and why?

The Word document should carefully describe these four points, using sources in APA format. The sources and the cover page do not count towards the word count.

You will also make a Sway presentation with this information for your classmates to be able to access it in the future. 

Before midnight on February 2, 2018, upload your Word document with a link to your Sway presentation to Blackboard. Projects that are late, e-mailed, individual, without the team's names, lacking in sources, or incomplete, will be given a zero.

The project will be graded as follows:


Word document has the four points that were requested in the instructions and answers them with proper conclusions out of reliable sources.
Word document has a main idea, a logical explanation of it, and a logical conclusion.
Sway presentation gives a quick and easy run-through of the analysis in the Word document.
Word document has between 1,000 and 1,500 words in total.
Sway presentation has a maximum of 8 slides and a cover page with the team’s members.


Teams are as follows:

Francisco Tristán
Omar Arellano
Ana Sofía
Omar Mora
Bruno Gómez
Bruno Sánchez
Movimiento Ciudadano
María Espinosa
Francisco Ugalde
María Montaño