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CMAC: Mini-challenge 2, Mexico's Constitutions (January 17)

For this mini-challenge, you will be divided in teams to make a fake Vogue magazine to represent each Mexican constitution. Upload it to Blackboard before midnight on January 22, 2018.

The following teams will be made:

  1. Constitución de Cádiz (1812)
  2. Constitución de Apatzingán (1814)
  3. Constitución de 1824
  4. Constitución de 1836
  5. Constitución de 1857
  6. Constitución de 1917
Each edition of Vogue should have
1. A cover with the proper logo and a human subject that is related to the topic, and
2. At least one 400 to 500-word article per person, about a topic that is relevant in the team's Constitution.

This mini-challenge will be graded as follows:


Cover has a human subject that is related to the team's topic, the correct Vogue logo (available at this link), and at least the title(s) of the article(s) written for the project.
Article has a specific main idea. It has to be a complete sentence and clearly communicated in the introduction.
Article has a development where all the elements of the main idea are explained.
Article has a conclusion that justifies the main idea of the essay. It has to be a complete sentence and clearly communicated at the end of the article.
400-500 words, not including the title, subtitle, or byline.
Article is visually organized into two columns with a title, subtitle, byline, at least two images, and sources at the end.
Cover and articles are together in one single PDF file uploaded to Blackboard.

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