miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

CMAC: What is Mexico? (January 11)

1. "México es uno de los países más felices del mundo" by Efe

2. "México en breve" by PNUD

3. "México es el meme más grande del mundo" by Luisito Rey

4. Fragment from "Máscaras mexicanas" by Octavio Paz

5. "Top 10 Facts about Mexico" by MostAmazingTop10Facts

6. "Mexico is Quietly Confronting a New Security Crisis" by Nathaniel Paris Flannery

7. "México en la piel" by Luis Miguel

Activity: In pairs, answer the question "What is Mexico?" explaining the relevance of your source and the topics or issues it brings up. Upload your work in a Word document to Blackboard before midnight.

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