lunes, 8 de enero de 2018

CMAC: Weekend Update

Weekend Update
January 12
Francisco Ugalde
Francisco Tristán
January 19
Lorena Enrinch
Ulises Ramírez
January 26
Eliza Castrejón
Ana Sofía Alcalá
February 2
Bruno Gómez
Bruno Sánchez
February 9
Omar Mora
Omar Arellano
February 16
Kevin García
Tania Guzmán
February 23
María Montaño
María Espinosa
March 2
Miguel Vergara
Paulina López
March 9
Daniel Carrillo
Daniela Sánchez
March 16
Sebastián Leyva
Santiago Domínguez
March 23
Gala Guzmán
Carla Nomura
April 6
Rafael Robles
April 13
Alberto Del Ángel Pacheco
Alfredo Báez
April 20
Rebeca Damián
Sofía Ordaz
April 27
Qamra Zaiback
Ameyalli Pérez

Each Friday, the specified team or student will be required to make a 10-15 minute presentation on the week's relevant news, with the following specifications:


Gives a specific update on national political campaigns
Mentions at least three different Mexican states
Uses at least three different news outlets from three different places (either Mexicano or internatinal)
10-15 minutes


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