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CAR: Partial Project 1, The Whaaat Collaboration (due February 2)

Due: Before midnight on February 2, 2018.

Description: Are you familiar with "Whaaat?", the world-renowned Youtube show about historical concepts and applications? Its creator is now looking for collaborators! If your proposed video gets made, you will appear in the credits and have the option of appearing in the video itself. It all depends on how effectively you explain and apply a concept from the class, and how creatively you are able to deliver this information through Francisco's voice.


In teams of 2 to 3 students, you will write the script to an original Whaaat video. Your script should:

  1. Be no longer than 750 words and no shorter than 400 words.
  2. Explain a specific concept from the class that does not appear in any of Whaaat's existing videos. Concepts from last semester may be picked. For this part, sources are crucial. They don't need to be mentioned in the video's monologue, but they need to be cited in the script.
  3. Apply the concept in a fun, creative, but most importantly, clear way. The application may be a description of real-life events, a hypothetical event, or both
Upload one script per team to Blackboard before midnight on February 2, 2018. E-mailed, late, individual, and incomplete projects will have a zero.

The script will be graded as follows:


The script includes the specific intro (“Hello, I’m Francisco, and this is Whaaat, the show were you can actually replay what I say in history class”) and outro (“I hope you learned something. See you next tim!”) to Whaaat videos.
The script clearly defines a concept from the class. This concept should not be already covered by an existing Whaaat video.
The script clearly and creatively applies the concept that was previously defined.
The proposed video fits with the vibe and creative elements of other Whaaat videos.
Word limit: 400-750 words.


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