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Frequently Asked Questions, Student Edition

1. Will there be exams in this class? What are their dates?

Depends on the class you're taking with me. Tópicos usually do not have exams, but other classes do. The answer is definitely in the syllabus.

2. How much is my homework worth in my final grade?

It's in the syllabus. (If the class you're taking with me is a Tópico, almost nothing, and it's probably just extra points in the end. I'm not a huge fan of homework. If I were you and I was too busy to do homework or didn't want feedback on my writing, I'd focus on more relevant projects like the team presentations, the final projects, or the final exams. Please don't skip or slack in those.)

3. I'm skipping your class on [any specific date]. Will I miss anything relevant? What will be the topic of that class?

Yes. It's in the syllabus.

4. Do you give asesorías? When are they?

Yup. Depends on the class, but it's in the syllabus. (We will agree on a specific day and time for weekly office hours on the first day. You can walk by then, or if you want more personalized attention, we can schedule an individual asesoría anytime. Just e-mail me at fgarciagonzalez@itesm.mx. I'm free Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the afternoon.)

5. How many languages do you speak?

Spanish and English pretty fluently, French with an "I studied French in college" accent, Mandarin Chinese at the "Ni Hao, Kai-lan" level, Korean and Serbian at the "I know how to say 3 words and enjoy pop music in Korean and Serbian" level.

6. Where did you study?

Tec de Monterrey 5ever. Prepa Bicultural in Campus Sinaloa, LRI in Campus Monterrey (5 semesters) and Campus Ciudad de México (4 semesters + graduation), MAP in Campus Santa Fe.

7. Where did you study abroad?

In high school I did a summer course in southern France, in college I did an intense semester working/studying in Washington, DC, and in graduate school I took four summer courses in Uruguay. None of those were planned from the beginning, and all of them were much better experiences than I expected.

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