jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

LAIR: Tasks to complete (aka Deadlines)

Remember you're supposed to do the following things:

1. For September 7: E-mail me your response to the question about impacts of the Industrial Revolution. It is an individual, 500-word essay for today, before midnight.

2. For September 11: E-mail me your complete answer to your Partial Project question. It is in teams, 500-words maximum, for before the class. Also, on that same day you may bring any questions you have about human trafficking.

3. For September 12 13: Bring to class your response to the question about the causes of the Industrial Revolution and their connection to the topic you wrote about on September 6.

The objective of these activities is for you to have material to discuss the topic of the Industrial Revolution on Wednesday, when we will regroup the information and see what's up with this new topic.

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