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CAR 301: Final Project, Elle Conflict & Reconstruction (Due April 30)

For this project, you will create a commemorative edition of Elle magazine based on a topic from the class.

Each edition of Elle should have:

1. A cover with the proper logo and a human subject that is related to the topic, and
2. At least one 500 to 600-word article per person.

For the articles, you may choose to write either one of the following options:

  1. A feature article about a specific perspective on the topic itself.
  2. An interpretation of an image that represents the time period.
  3. An account of an exclusive (fictional) interview with a historical figure or a character from the novel belonging to each topic where you use the novel as a historical source to explain a perspective on the topic at hand.
  4. An account of a real interview with someone that experienced something in your time period.
Each team will have a team leader who will plan the magazine and make the final decisions on the direction of the design and how the topic is covered. The teams will be as follows: 

Elle Edition
USA – February
The Cold War from an American Perspective
Fernanda Castro
Soviet Union - March
The Cold War from a Soviet Perspective
Soviet Union – April
Counterculture and minority rights in the Communist world
United States - May
Counterculture and civil rights in the Capitalist world
Mexico - June
The Cold War from a Mexican perspective
Diana Villavicencio

Each team in every group has to turn in one cover per team and at least one article per person. The project should be turned in on Blackboard on Monday, April 30, 2018, before midnight. Late assignments, articles without sources, and e-mailed assignments will be graded according to the situation.


Cover has a human subject that is related to the team's topic, the correct Elle logo (available at this link), and at least the title(s) of the article(s) written for the project.
Article has a specific main idea. It has to be a complete sentence and clearly communicated in the introduction.
Article has a development where all the elements of the main idea are explained.
Article has a conclusion that justifies the main idea of the essay. It has to be a complete sentence and clearly communicated at the end of the article.
500-600 words, not including the title, subtitle, or byline.
Article is visually organized into two columns with a title, subtitle, byline, at least two images, and sources at the end.
Cover and article(s) are together in one single PDF file named “Elle CAR_[MONTH].pdf”.

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