domingo, 22 de abril de 2018

CAR: Civil Rights Movement (April 23)

1. "Drunk History - Martin Luther King Jr. vs. J. Edgar Hoover"

Martin Luther King Jr. 

1."I Have a Dream" Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.

2. "The Ballot or the Bullet" Speech by Malcolm X

2. "Drunk History - Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks"

Rosa Parks

1. "What if I don't move to the back of the bus?", from The Henry Ford

2. Interview with Rosa Parks, by the Academy of Achievement

3. "Drunk History - Nichelle Nichols Lives Boldly"

Nichelle Nichols

1. "Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols: ‘Martin Luther King was a Trekker’" by Simon Hattenstone

2. "Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols' Warp-Speed Visit to Dryden" by NASA

4. "Drunk History - Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover at the Playboy Club"

Gloria Steinem

1. "A Bunny's Tale, Pt. I" by Gloria Steinem

2. "A Bunny's Tale, Pt. II" by Gloria Steinem

5. "Drunk History - Judy Heumann Fights for People with Disabilities"

Judith Heumann

1. "The Dynamics of Empowerment" by Judith Heumann (Pages 15-19)

2. Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973

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