martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

LAIR: Catch-up/Make-up (November 1 & 2)

We will use this couple of classes for you to catch up with any activities you didn't do this month and/or make up for any previous mistakes by improving any activities that you feel you could improve.

Now, do not think we are doing this because you need it, or because we have to. All of you are doing well this partial, and there is no reason why you should do worse next partial. However, part of this new model's flexibility is that if you know you can do better, you should have the chance to show it.

Just so I don't lose my mind, we need to be organized about this. If you want to catch up or make up, you will have to upload one .docx Word file to Blackboard, before midnight on November 2. If you upload more than one document, I will only look at the first one that appears. If it is not a .docx document, I won't check it. Why? Because doing this is already extra work for me, and I don't think it's fair for you to make me go through the same old excuses ("no se subió", "no entendí", "no leí las instrucciones", "no sé mandar e-mails", "no sé escribir González", "no tengo Word", etc) the second time around. Be prepared. Make it work. 

The file may have the following activities, specifically in this order:

  1. Impacts of the Industrial Revolution (Individual)
  2. Causes of the Industrial Revolution (Individual)
  3. Answer to your UNODC question (Individual)
  4. Weekly Questionnaire 1 (Individual)
  5. Weekly Questionnaire 2 (Individual)
  6. Weekly Questionnaire 3 (Individual)
  7. Weekly Questionnaire 4 (Individual)
  8. UNODC video (Teams)
  9. State-building & nationalism comic (Individual)
  10. Sab & Los empeños de una casa videos (Teams)
You don't need to re-do all the activities, but the ones you do improve need to be in the above order, and each activity should have the title I gave it in this blog post. If I can't figure out which activity you remade or who is in your team, I won't check whatever you uploaded. 

Anticipating some questions:

1. Will I be extremely demanding while grading your improved activities, expecting real improvement and not just the same old mistakes?

Yes. Would you check the same activity twice for no reason? Ain't nobody got time for that.  

2. Do I recommend that you ask for help if you didn't understand how to do something the first time and never really took the time to do it?

Yes. Give yourself the opportunity to use this time to improve.

3. What happens if you're satisfied with your performance, or don't really feel like redoing anything?

That's up to you. If you don't have anything to do in class, we may talk about any topics you have an itch about, or you may work on other stuff while your classmates take advantage of this opportunity (and I take the time to help others or grade your activities). Either way, stay with us during the class hour, and please be patient. Patience, take each other by the hand. 

4. Would I recommend doing this, or the extra points video?

Definitely this. None of you need extra points. Unless you know your video is gonna be REALLY GOOD, I suggest focusing on the things that aren't extra.

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