lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

LAIR: Partial Project 2, UNODC & #AquíEstoy (Due October 18)

The time is here! Make the video you've been working on to answer a question about human trafficking, join UNODC's #AquíEstoy campaign, and upload your video to Youtube. It should be public, because the entire point of this project is to make a playlist and share our videos with UNODC. This is what we call "getting involved".

For the purposes of this assignment, you should upload the link to your Youtube video to Blackboard before midnight on October 18. Just paste the link on the body of the assignment. No need to attach a file. We have a conference call that day, which we will use to answer final questions about this project and the partial evaluation.

EDIT: If you want me to check your script before making the video, you may upload it to Blackboard between October 4 and October 11, and I'll get back to you with feedback. This is completely optional. If you feel like your script is ready, by all means, go for it and make the video.

The video will be graded as follows:

Rubric - Partial Project 2
Individual grade
Script of the video clearly reflects what is seen in the video.
At the end of the script, it includes an individual paragraph about each person’s contribution to the project.
Team grade
Video states the question and answers it directly.
Video includes imagery from UNODC’s #AquíEstoy campaign and follows their style directives (has to be in color, emphasize light blue and white, no violent images, no chains, no dramatic music).
Video includes end credits that specify each team member’s roles in the creation of the video, including at least their role as they appear in the video, director, and writers.
At the end of the video, before the credits, each team member says their name in Spanish and the phrase “y aquí estoy contra la trata de personas”.


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