jueves, 19 de octubre de 2017

LAIR: Optional Extra Points Activity that is extremely optional (please don't do it if you don't want to or don't have time)

I've been receiving questions about whether if there is an activity you can do for extra points in the second or final partial. My answer might surprise you.

Frankly, I wasn't on board the idea, because I've been dealing with way too many complaints about your current activities. I honestly don't have the energy to defend one more activity, or to deal with more weekly cases of "omg I can't use Blackboard", "omg it didn't upload", and my personal favorite (because it's not true): "omg it's too much work". Mark my words: I did come up with an extra points activity, I'm clearly saying it is optional, and yet I know someone will think it's mandatory, and I'll have to spend more hours talking about this activity to people who either have incomplete information about my class, or don't understand what "optional" means, or both.

But anyway, today I was looking for videos about the upcoming book presentations and I came up with a proposal.

If you want to do an OPTIONAL activity for extra points, you can make a 7 to 10-minute video like the book presentations, but about a book you already presented. That's right, I mean the ones you already presented in class before September 19. It would be graded exactly like the ones we'll have starting October 27, with this rubric. You can do it either in your original team or individually, but it must be improved after your presentation. If you just make a video with the same things you showed in the classroom, you will have exactly zero extra points.

Now, the due date... depends on a few things. If you want extra points in the Second Partial (which, frankly, I don't think you need, because the Second Partial is only 15% of your final grade), I must receive the video before midnight on November 3. 

However, if you want the extra points for the Final Partial (which I recommend, since the Final Partial is 55% of your final grade), I need to receive the video before midnight on November 17.

Notice my choice of words. I'm saying I have to receive it before midnight on those dates, not that you have to send it.

Since this activity is OPTIONAL and the points are EXTRA, there are no second chances to send me the link to your video. If you can't manage to use Blackboard this one time, that is on you, and there are no more chances. The reason for this is that I also have deadlines I need to meet, and this activity is sitting on the edge of two very important ones.

How does that sound? Any questions? For the record: I think most of you don't actually need extra points, but it's only fair for me to share this with everyone who may want to do it. That said, your videos better be GOOD. I want some quality, entertaining, yet surprisingly educational material. Think Crash Course mixed with a little bit of Adam Ruins Everything, a dash of Nerdwriter1, and (if you REALLY want me to like it) a light dusting of Ligas y Charolas.

Happy Youtubing, my hybridly flexible students.

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