lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

LAIR: Partial Evaluation, State-building & Nationalism (due October 17)

Instead of a partial exam, you will make an individual comic strip where you describe the concepts of state-building and nationalism for a specific country. Each person will be assigned a random country during our conference call on October 4. If someone is not present at the conference call where the countries are assigned, the professor will assign them a country in absentia. 

Your comic may be done by computer or by hand and in any style that appeals to you and communicates the intended message, but it should be:

1. Uploaded to Blackboard
2. In PDF format
3. Before midnight, on October 17

If you have any questions about your comic, let me know through e-mail or Remind and do not hesitate to ask for an asesoría.

The comic will be graded as follows:

Rubric – Partial Evaluation 2
Comic answers the question: How was your assigned country created?
Comic includes a definition of state-building that is applied to the assigned country.
Comic answers the question: What represents your assigned country nowadays and makes it different to other countries?
Comic includes a definition of nationalism that is applied to the assigned country.
Comic answers question 1 with a clear plot, timeframe, and characters.
Comic answers question 2 in complete sentences and explanations.
PDF format

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