martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

GAIC: Racism (September 28)

1. "The Angry Eye" by Jane Eliott

3. "Los negros de México que han sido 'borrados de la historia'" by Arlene Gregorius

4. "5 facts about race in America" by Bruce Drake

5. "Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics 31" by Craig Benzine

6. Pages 77-80 of the textbook.

HDI activity: Make two infographics in Canva, one for yesterday's questions, and one where you compare the components of Mexico's HDI with the components of the HDIs of four other countries you get on the link below. Save both infographics in JPG format and e-mail them to the professor before 9:30 AM on September 29.

5. Infographic Apps: Canva

6. Random Country

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