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LAIR: Nationalism 2 (September 22)

Activity: Create a new country by getting into your teams, and creating a flag, a national slogan, and a national history, and then locating yourselves in the map, in the land you believe should be yours. E-mail the information to the professor.

1. Flag: Flag design app

2. National slogan: Piktochart

3. National history: Plot Generator

4. National anthem: Choose an existing song

5. Location:

Now make the following decisions, and wait for instructions.

6. Key roles:

  • Head of State (must approve all decisions) 
  • Head of Government (must execute all decisions)

7. Key decisions:

  • Type of government (How are decisions made? Monarchy, Republic, Democracy, Socialist regime, Oligarchy?)
  • Who is part of the country? (Just original members, immigrants, refugees, etc)
  • What will be produced? (Decide on a resource you will exchange)
  • Will you be defensive or ofensive? (How will you react to internal and external threats?)

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